Give Sales What They Want – How Lead Nurturing Can Help

Email nurturing – you’ve heard the term. You know you should be doing it. But what does that mean for your business today? How can you create and sustain an effective lead nurturing program?

For many, lead nurturing is all about quantity – massive outreach to generate large numbers of leads. But, in reality, the focus should be on generating quality leads from individuals who are actually interested in your messages and have the desire to learn more or potentially take actions that lead to a purchase.  If you’re doing lead nurturing right, you’ll be passing more “sales-ready” leads to your sales team so they can spend their time providing the best possible solution for each prospect.

As a marketer, there’s nothing worse than to generate leads for the sales team only to find out they didn’t follow up or they only followed up on a few leads they deemed ‘hot’. What a waste to have those leads dropped from the funnel.

This is where nurturing comes in. It helps plug that leaky funnel.  Instead of sending leads over to sales immediately, the idea is to nurture them, to engage them along a journey.  A journey? What kind of journey you ask? A buyer’s journey consisting of three main stages:

  1. Educate – The first couple of communications educates contacts, aka the buyers, on why they should care, the challenges they face…in short, establishing a need.
  2. Engage – Next, engage the buyer with the different ways to solve their need. Note: this is where you introduce the buyers to your solutions and how your solutions satisfy their needs.
  3. Convert – Inform the buyers on why they should buy from your company.

This nurturing process takes the buyer through a “Why buy? Why buy now? Why buy from you?” process. This is why lead nurturing is important. It keeps leads engaged until they are ready to buy. With nurturing you can now send quality leads to the sales team that have a high potential for conversion. Both you and the sales team will be happy… and that’s the goal, right?

To build a complete lead nurturing program takes effort.  You need a qualified list of targets, an effective means to reach them, a compelling reason to engage with you – and a follow up plan that encourages them to an action, i.e. fill out a form, got to a web page, download an asset, call someone.   This is where we can help.  If your goal is to target, reach and engage technology audiences – those who are interested in buying what you are selling – we can develop and execute an effective lead touch program that will produce sales-ready leads.  Our marketing experts will discuss your overall goals and work with you to create a lead nurture program with multiple touches from multiple channels.  Your prospects do more than open emails, they are online doing research, they hang out on social media and they are subscribed to various content sources that are of interest to them.  We can build a program that engages them at various levels of their buying or exploring cycle.

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